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Basic allows elastic, static analysis with contact.
Pro adds plasticity, steady-state/transient heat transfer, natural frequencies, transient dynamics, buckling.

*New buyers of FEMforAD for Alibre v22/V23 have the new 64-bit, multifrontal parallel direct and PCG iterative solvers.
*Upgraders to Alibre v22/v23 can install/use the latest FEMforAD free with their 32-bit solvers or upgrade to 64-bit parallel at any time.
*Not everyone always upgrades so the older FEMforAD versions are still for sale with 32-bit solvers (still fast but limited).
*Only one license per purchase but this is easily moved to a new computer.
*New license codes are sent automatically upon purchase. Upgrades take a little longer.

Alternatively, contact your Alibre reseller.
Femdesigner Ltd
Coy Pond Business Pk
Poole, Dorset

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