New upgrade for v23

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New upgrade for v23

Published by James G. in Upgrades · 17 June 2021
There is a new version of the FEMforAD addon for v23 of Alibre. The only change is that the contour colours are now on the screen along with titles. This was already the case if using the legacy display mode but now the HOOPS display mode has it thanks to an upgrade in the API from Alibre.

You can upgrade free by going to the downloads page here, downloading the link to the appropriate setup file; femsetupad23pro.exe or femsetupad23bas.exe and running them. No need to uninstall anything.

This version also removes 2 bugs:
a. No more overwriting the registry on installation - an attempted fix to the antivirus interference that didn't work as planned. The registry is now written to only by the femforad32.msi installer. Btw the 32 refers only to the fact that it includes a 32 bit version as well as the 64 bit version (until everyone completely upgrades to 64 bit).
b. Windows could somehow change the size of the colour contour bitmap on the results dialog box in v23 so the bitmap was removed: It is no longer required anyway as colour contours are on screen for both graphics modes.

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